This community service activity was carried out at the Tahfidz Darul Qur’an Wal Hadith Madrasah Bukit Badong, Malaysia on 18 July 2023 at 13.00-15.30 through online zoom meeting. This activity was entitled the socialization of teaching English using the Snakes and Ladders Board learning media (snake ladder board) to increase students’ motivation. It is intended for all students in the Madrasah with the hope that students and teachers will be skilled in using the Snake and Ladder Board learning media in the teaching and learning process of English with the aim of increasing students’ motivation and making English learning more interesting. It was attended by 40 people including internal students and lecturers from Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya and external students and teachers from Tahfidz Darul Qur’an Wal Hadith Madrasah Bukit Badong, Malaysia. this activity was carried out by several lecturers namely Tiyas Saputri, S.S., M. Pd. (Chairman), Edi Pujo Basuki, S. Pd. (Member 1), M.Pd., Dr. Drs. Djuwari, M.Hum. (Member 2), Mujad Didien Afandi, S. S., M. Pd. (Member 3), and several students from Agista Putri Setianingsih, Ziyada Wulan Wulidha, Silvi Nur Hidayati and Faela Nur Oktaviani. For presenters, namely Tiyas Saputri, S.S., M. Pd. and Agista Putri Setianingsih.

In the context of learning English as a foreign language, motivation plays a very important role, especially in determining the success of the learning process itself. In this case, motivation provides positive energy and the willingness of students to achieve success in what they are learning. Motivation in learning English cannot be separated from two things; namely the attitudes and affective conditions of students who can directly influence the efforts made by students in learning foreign languages. These affective attitudes and conditions are driving factors that encourage students to give more effort in learning, so that the goals of learning English can be achieved.

The problem that exists with partners is the need for learning English using digital-based learning media that is interesting and can be understood easily. Basically, at the Bukit Badong Gamat Islamic Study Center or Madrasah Tahfiz Darul Quran Wal Hadith Bukit Badong Malaysia, it focuses its students on the science of recitation, tahfiz and as a Center for the Dissemination of Religious knowledge, especially to the community and local residents. Tahfiz Darul Quran Wal Hadith Madrasah Bukit Badong is located at 300B, Jalan Kartimun, KG. Bukit Badong 45600 Bestari Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Tahfiz Darul Quran Wal Hadith Madrasah Bukit Badong Malaysia is a place of recitation with a garden concept. This madrasah provides conveniences such as modern cottages with complete facilities, surau and study council. Every day there are Bible recitations, public lectures and inaugural lectures. With the community service activities that will be carried out at the madrasa, the chairman and the proposing team will provide insight into English, especially in terms of vocabulary and mastery of technology related to learning English.

The target of this activity was the students at Madrasah Tahfiz Darul Quran Wal Hadith Bukit Badong Malaysia. It is hoped that the motivation of the students will increase and the teacher can master the snake and ladder learning application media well so that it can be applied to all students. The problem at Madrasah Tahfiz Darul Quran Wal Hadith Bukit Badong Malaysia is that there is no English language learning using digital-based learning media and the low motivation of students in learning English so that it has an impact on a lack of mastery of English vocabulary. Therefore, it is necessary to identify in advance the extent of students’ learning motivation in learning English and the causes. Furthermore, it is also necessary to increase the mastery of technology in the field of education for both students and teachers, especially in terms of using technology-based media applications using snake and ladder application media in learning English. The objectives of this community service are: 1) to increase the mastery of technology-based learning media in learning English, 2) to increase the motivation of students in learning English.In addition, this community service activity is carried out to support the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) policy which provides opportunities for students to take credits outside the study program and encourages universities to continue to innovate learning in the Industry 4.0 era and the era of society 5.0. In addition, this is also one of the efforts to strengthen institutional capacity in achieving the Main Performance Indicators (IKU) of tertiary institutions, especially IKU 2 (Students Gaining Experience Off-Campus), IKU 3 (Lecturers in Activities Off-Campus) and IKU 5 (IKU 5). Lecturer work results are used by the community or get international recognition).

Therefore, it is necessary to socialize learning English using a touch of technology in these madrasas. There are many new things related to learning that can be developed at the madrasah. The things that can be developed are learning English to improve English language skills, especially in the field of vocabulary and increasing skills in mastering learning technology. With the packaging of technology-based English learning, it will be able to realize English learning that is creative, innovative, interesting and easy to learn.

The method used in this international community service is a form of digital-based teaching using interesting and easy-to-understand learning media, namely using a snake and ladder board.
The output targets are: Mastery of technology-based learning media in learning English increases, students’ motivation in learning English increases and publication in the SINTA 5 national journal, electronic mass media, Intellectual Property Rights sertificate, reports on improvements.
The results obtained are increased motivation, mastery of technology and English vocabulary of students in learning English using snake and ladder media which can be seen from:

  1. Assessment of student activities is taken from student activity sheets during learning activities. Filling out student sheets was taken from the PkM team’s observations during the activity. The learning completeness of the students was assessed from the student learning outcomes taken from the students’ tests given (pre-test and post-test) with scores that exceeded the Minimum Mastery Criteria score of 75 from the aspect of knowledge on a scale of 0-100. Most of the values ​​obtained are more than 90 which indicates very good.
  2. Data on student responses were obtained from questionnaires which were analyzed by looking for the percentage of students’ answers to each question in the questionnaire. The questionnaire is in the form of questions with the type of Yes/No Question (Yes/No). All students’ responses with Yes answers > 75%, this shows that the students’ responses are positive towards learning English using the snake and ladder application.
  3. Observational data showing that there is an increase in mastery of technology.
    The achievement indicator of increased technology mastery is the increase in teacher mastery of the snake and ladder English learning application media in the madrasa. This is known from the results of obtaining questionnaires on students. This is of course supported by observations in the field by directly observing the practice of teachers where PKM implementers fill out the observation checklist based on the results of observations on sampling. Obtained obtained at least 80% of the total ability of teachers and students who have mastered the technology and based on the results of the observation checklist entries, it can be concluded that the teacher’s mastery of technology in learning English using the snake and ladder application media has increased. It can be concluded that using the snake and ladder board game can increase the motivation of students and make learning English more interesting so that the objectives of this community service activity are achieved.