This community service activity was carried out to North Surabaya Musyawarah Kerja Kepala Sekolah (MKKS) SMPS teachers, on June 20 2024 at 09.00-11.30 through online seminar via Zoom Meeting. This activity is entitled “English language teaching strategies for students with autism spectrum disorder”. It was Intended for all North Surabaya Musyawarah Kerja Kepala Sekolah (MKKS) SMPS teachers (especially English teachers) and students at Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya. It is hoped that they will understand kinds and the characteristics of disability students and English language teaching strategies used for disability students (especially for Autism Spectrum Disorder students) with the aim of increasing their knowledge to teach their ASD students in order that they can implement the appropriate English language teaching strategies to teach them. To find out increasing their knowledge, it will be proved from the results of the Quizizz pre-test and post-test scores.

It was attended by 97 people involving North Surabaya MKKS SMPS teachers and students from Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya. This activity was carried out by several lecturers, namely Tiyas Saputri, S.S., M. Pd. (Chairman), Edi Pujo Basuki, S. Pd., M. Pd. (Member 1). Machmudah, S. Psi., M. Psi. (Member 2). Dr. Asmaul Lutfauziah, S.Pd., M.Pd (Member 3). Dr. Fifi Khoirul Fitriyah, S.Pd., M.Pd (Member 4), as well as two students from Nadziroh and Adibatul Asna. For the material itself, it was delivered directly by Tiyas Saputri, S.S., M. Pd. and Machmudah, S. Psi., M. Psi.

Teaching strategies for students with autism spectrum disorders can be done by:1. By applying the Total Physical Response (TPR) method., 2. By applying a contextual approach-Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL)., 3. By applying image media with playing techniques., 4. By implementing methods, namely simplifying lesson plans according to the needs of students with autism spectrum disorders., 5. By applying the Interactive Video Recording Method.

The conclusion is that as teachers we must really understand the condition of our students, especially those with special needs, for example students with autism spectrum disorders. It is necessary to apply strategies in teaching English so that learning objectives can be achieved.

It is suggested for schools to achieve the expected goals, all parties involved in the school should help students with special needs in the learning process and provide services to students with special needs. Apart from that, schools should add special assistant teachers (shadow teachers/buddies) with the aim of ensuring that children with special needs receive optimal services. Besides, English teachers should use more strategies to develop students’ English and apply them in the English teaching and learning process. Apart from that, teachers should better understand the conditions of students with special needs, especially students with autism spectrum disorders so that teaching plans can be appropriate and learning objectives can be achieved. Apart from that, for future researchers, it can be used as a reference and reference language for conducting further research on the same topic.